As your driving experience grows, it becomes far easier to see which of these are real and which are not. However, for inexperienced drivers, there are a number of dangers associated with ‘driving myths’, and if taken seriously, can put you in danger when out on the road.

To help you with your driving education, we have drawn up a list of the top 5 driving myths to help you steer well clear.

No. 1 – It’s OK To Have a Couple of Drinks and Still Drive

It is a common (and incorrect) assumption made my many people that it is ok to have a 5 Driving Myths To Ignorecouple of pints or a glass of wine and then immediately drive.

However, this is far from being as cut and dried as tiredness, medication, food eaten, and exercise can all play a part in how alcohol is processed in the body. Therefore being “fine” to drive after a small amount to drink is nothing more than a myth.

The only way to be certain that you are not over the limit when you get behind the wheel is to not to drink at all when driving.

No. 2 – I Will Never Be Caught Speeding If I’m Only 10% Over The Speed Limit

A time honoured driving myth is that drivers can drive at 10% over the speed limit and not be at risk of being caught speeding.

This is not true. Yes, most car speedometers have a 10% error built-in, but while in theory this means you can drive 33mph in a 30mph zone or 77mph on a 70mph stretch of motorway, if a police officer registers you going over the limit by this amount they may still prosecute you. 

No. 3 – Fully Comprehensive Insurance Covers Me To Drive ANY Car

Although this may be true is many cases (assuming that you have the drivers permission of course!!), things are not always so cut and dried.

Drivers under the age of 25, or with previous motoring convictions may not be insured to drive certain cars. Cover depends on the policy of the individual, so you should never assume that because you are fully comp, driving a friend’s car is legal. 

No. 4 –It Is Illegal To Drive Without Wearing Shoes

Whilst it is not always recommended, driving barefoot is actually not illegal. If you ever find yourself in the unusual position of driving without having any appropriate footwear, you must still be able to operate the controls safely. 

No. 5 – Eating and Driving Whilst Driving is Illegal

Like using the phone, it is assumed by many that eating and drinking (non-alcoholic) behind the wheel is illegal. In fact, it isn’t, but if doing so affects your driving by distracting you from the road, you can be prosecuted for careless driving.

There are many more driving myths out there but we hope that these will help you to stay safe on the road after completing the driving lessons in Tolworth with Surrey Driving Force.