Myth No. 1 – Driving Examiners Love To Fail Learner Drivers

We think that everyone has heard this one and we are happy to report that there is absolutely no foundation to this whatsoever.

Driving examiners are professional people who have to undergo countless hours of training in order to achieve their position and would never compromise that by doing anything that would undermine their integrity.

If you are good enough on the day you will pass, it really is as simple as that. If anything, examiners would prefer that you passed because after all, who enjoys passing on bad news??

Myth No. 2 โ€“ There is a Limit on How Many People Can Pass Each Week

This ties in quite closely with myth no. 1 and relates to the thought that there is an upper 5 Driving Test Myths To Ignorelimit placed on the amount of people that can pass their practical test each week.

Whether people like to hear it or not, the facts are the facts and if you do everything that you are asked during your test to the standards that are required, you will pass. Driving examiners do not fail driving tests, drivers fail driving tests!

Myth No. 3 โ€“ If You Stall Your Car it is an Instant Fail

This one is not quite so cut dried as it often depends on the situation. Whilst it may not exactly do wonders for your confidence, stalling the car when pulling off on your test is highly unlikely to cause any problems, however if it takes place in a dangerous situation, then you may have a problem.

Just remember to relax and remember your training and this is very unlikely to become an issue either way.

Myth No. 4 – Driving Schools Will Max Out The Number of Lessons That You Need

This is certainly not true. Although there is no set number of lessons that drivers need to prepare for their test, we can guarantee that the moment you are ready, we will recommend that you submit yourself for the test at the earliest possible opportunity.

Myth No. 5 โ€“ The Minimum Test Age is About To Rise

Whilst it is true that the government has looked into the possibility of raising the minimum age for sitting a driving test, this is at least several years away, if at all.