Welcome to Surrey Driving Force your perfect choice for driving lessons in Effingham.

Offering far more than simply teaching the requisite skills required to pass your driving test, we will teach you everything that you need to know to ensure that you continue to drive both confidently and competently for many years to come.

You can be assured that your highly experienced instructor will take a relaxed, flexible and professional view in regards to teaching you to drive – and that includes our very strict ‘no shouting policy!’

Comprehensive Teaching Methods

Your designated instructor will cover not only ‘the how’ but also ‘the why’ to help fill in Driving Lessons Effinghamsome of the blanks that are left behind by many other driving schools. All lessons will be completed at a pace that suits you.

Our focus and experience will ensure that we spend the maximum time on the elements that need the most work. Each lesson will be planned in advance and we will keep record of your progress.

Our lessons have no mileage limits and in fact, we promise that you will spend as much as possible of your lesson driving and not parked by the roadside talking.

If it’s practical, we will pick you up from your workplace or school and return to your home or vice versa. Wherever possible we will try to vary your lesson times to ensure that you receive driving experience in a variety of different traffic conditions.

You have already made the most important step, deciding that you want to learn how to drive and by finding out website you have taken step two. All you need to do now is to go ahead and book your first lesson with Surrey Driving Force. It will require some hard work from us both, but we truly believe that you will enjoy learning to drive with us.

Further Information

If you would like to receive any further information regarding the driving tuition available from Surrey Driving Force, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 0845 190 2012, texting LESSONS to 81066 or emailing enquiries@surreydrivingforce.net

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