Surrey Driving Force is Surrey’s fastest growing driving school and has developed a reputation for providing the premier standard of driving lessons Fetcham has to offer.

Our driving school possesses vast experience of operating at the highest level and we take the utmost pleasure in playing crucial role in helping our learner drivers pass their driving test.

It is our aim to teach our clients to drive both quickly and cheaply, though never by compromising on our standards, and experience tells us that once you have completed your tuition with us you will be happy and tell your friends to come to us and so we make more money. If you take lots of expensive lessons with us, you are less likely to recommend your friends and family to us.

Teaching Good Practices

A good, safe driver will be looking as far ahead, down the road, as he/she can to anticipate Driving Lessons Fetchamwhat may lie ahead. It could be traffic lights, a roundabout, children playing in the road. Whatever the problem is, there is a teaching practice that will help to train your brain to anticipate the problem and the earlier you see what is happening ahead, the better driver your will become.

Surrey Driving Force will teach you the routines, step by step and at your own pace. Some people learn very quickly while some people may take longer to pass their driving test but by the time your tuition with us has been completed you will all be excellent, safe and confident drivers.

Male & Female Instructors Available

With a wealth of experience in teaching people to learn to drive our driving lessons are available throughout all areas of Surrey and Middlesex. We have a great record of using only the best male and female instructors, our quality cars are all fully insured and dual controlled and perhaps most importantly of all, our first time pass rates are exceptional!

We’ have given literally 1000s of driving lessons and helped 100s of people pass their driving test. We have a great track record, just take a look at our testimonials section to read what people think about our driving lessons.

There is little doubt that people find starting there driving lessons a scary task and this is often in no small part down to the fact there are many important questions to answer. What driving school do you choose? Will you be learning to drive with a complete stranger? Here at the Surrey Driving Force we have decided to change things up a little. Nerves are often the main obstacle for people taking our driving lessons, this is why we have created our fantastic testimonials area and instructor profiles section to help our prospective learner drivers feel at home before they even give us a call!

Further Information

If you would like to receive any further information regarding the full range of driving tuition available from Surrey Driving Force, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 0845 190 2012texting LESSONS to 81066 or emailing

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