Here at the Surrey Driving Force, we operate with a simple ethic – To provide the best driving lessons Goldsworth Park and the surrounding areas have to offer. We believe that by helping you to prepare for your test quickly and cheaply we are well on the way to achieving our goal.

Look Around

Although, as you can see, our prices are extremely competitive, we believe that it is crucial that you look around and make comparisons in regards to price. Often driving Driving Schools Goldsworth Parkschools offer what may seem to be an unbelievable deal, but this can very often prove to be false economy if cheaper lessons lead to a lower standard of tuition as it will end up taking more lessons to become driving test ready!

Here at the leader of driving schools Goldsworth Park has to offer, we offer a tremendous introductory rate which provides the perfect opportunity to try a couple of lessons and see our great instructors in action. There is no obligation to continue once your introductory period has concluded, but we history tells us that once our learner drivers start with us, they never find a reason to head somewhere else.

Renowned Reputation for Quality Tuition

Our stellar team of male and female driving instructors offer a wealth of combined experience which is put to great use during our driving lessons. Learning to drive opens up new doors and the endless possibilities. We love playing such a crucial role in changing peoples lives by instilling the skills and confidence that are needed to learn how to drive

We understand that nerves are often the main obstacle for people starting the driving lessons and this is why we do everything possible to ensure that your tuition is conducted in a calm and friendly atmosphere. We will never get flustered and will allow you all the time needed to ensure that your tuition progresses properly.

Pass Plus Course

Once you have passed your driving test (and you will!!), we strongly advise considering taking the Pass Plus course. This course is designed to enhance your driving skills and you experience and consists of a minimum of six hours further tuition. The course covers the following areas:

  •  Town driving
  •  All weather driving
  •  Driving on rural roads
  •  Night driving
  •  Dual carriageways
  •  Motorway driving

These additional lessons will take you that step further in your driving ability and knowledge, due to the fact that you will cover a range of areas that will not have been covered during your regular tuition. The incentive for you, apart from improving your driving skills, is that a lot of insurance companies use the Pass Plus scheme as a means of identifying the more responsible driver and subsequent reductions will be available on your insurance premiums.

Further Information

So what are you waiting for? Contact Steve or one of the instructors on Tel. No. 0845 190 2012 or via e-mail at today and book your first lesson on the road to freedom.

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