Do you live in Chertsey? Are you gearing yourself up to travel along the road towards your driving test? Surrey Driving Force offer a range of driving tuition designed to provide you with a fun experience that will teach you everything that you need to know to prepare for your test in double quick time.

Sitting the driving test will be the culmination of all of your hard work. You can rest assured though that by the time the big day approaches, you will be fully prepared for your test.

Through our website you will find details regarding all aspects of Surrey Driving Force, from our lessons to our instructors. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What Will Happen on the Day?

On the day of your driving test, it is always advisable to have a warm up lessons with your Driving Test Chertseyinstructor in your usual car to go over anything that you would like to cover before heading to the test centre a few minutes before the appointment.

Once you arrive, you will wait for the examiner.

After You Arrive

The examiner will come out of the office and will ask to see both parts of your driving licence and your driving theory test pass letter. You will then be asked to sign the appropriate forms giving him permission to take the test.

Then he will ask if you want your instructor to ride in the back of the car during the test. Some people like the idea. Others prefer not to have their instructor watching. The choice is entirely yours. Your instructor will not be offended if you say no. Then the examiner will ask you to lead out to the car, ask if he can call you by your first name and tell you his.

Once outside, you will be asked to read a number plate to test your eyesight, followed by a couple of the safety/maintenance checks taken from the full maintenance schedule which your instructor will have practiced with you.

Once you have completed that part of the test, you will be onto the driving part and it is crucial to remember that you will not be asked to do anything that you have not done countless times before. Therefore there is no reason to be nervous!!

The Driving Test

The practical test typically lasts for approximately 40 minutes during which you will receive a number of detailed instructions from the examiner in regards to where he would like you to go and what he would like you to do.

At the end of the test the examiner will add up any faults which you may have accumulated during your test and then hopefully provide you with the good news of your pass!!

You are perfectly entitled to hear the examiner’s analysis of any faults which you may have committed and having given his analysis, he will give you some paperwork and leave the car.

Further Information

If you would like any further details regarding the driving tuition available from Surrey Driving Force, please give us a call on 0845 190 2012 & we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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